Dominican Adult Vacation Packages

Have the Time of your Lifetime in your Dominican Adult Vacations. Enjoy the beautiful beaches with your gorgeous companion!

Punta Cana 1 (Adults Only) | Punta Cana 2 (Adults Only) | Boca Chica | Puerto Plata

Junior suites, one or two bedrooms, suites (some with jaccuzzis) and luxurious villas.

  • Escort always with you.
  • Meals at fine restaurants.
  • Gourmet dining.
  • Unlimited alcoholic & non alcoholic drinks.
  • Golf & Golf Club Membership (separate from packages)
  • Free Minibar (some resorts).
  • Drinks in all 5 bars, night club, casino.
  • Tips, gratuities, hotel taxes included.
  • Airport transfers (private cars).
  • Exotic Caribbean beaches.
  • Non-motorized water sports.
  • Butler service (some packages only).
  • Available excursions and activities (separately).
  • No Tipping !
  • 24/7 Live Help.
  • STD test 48 hours prior to arrival (upon rquest).
  • Loyalty discounts for repeat guests, group rates.

  Have the greatest Dominican Adult Vacation in a completely All Inclusive resort, including your escort(s), tipping and taxes! If you do not go out of the resort, you do not need any money with you but airport fees only!
We Provide You With:  Male and Female Escorts.
Our Guests & Clients Include:  Males – Females
Couples – Groups.
Tipping:  We have a no tipping policy.


  1. All Caribbean beach resorts operate differently from North American and European business hotels.  They take the safety of foreign travelers (and the security of their possessions) very seriously.  Non-registered guests are not permitted to enter the resort’s premises.  People who are not listed in your reservation will not be permitted to go to your suite.
  2. All-inclusive resorts provide their guests with all-you-can-eat/drink for the duration of your stay.  Only registered guests are permitted entry into the resort’s property and facilities to ensure that only registered guests are enjoying these meals / drinks.  No local lady (which is not properly pre-coordinated) will be allowed to join you on the hotel premises.
  3. Everyone who is in the resort’s premises must be registered with an official government ID and they must wear a special resort bracelet, visually identifying them as authorized.  This is tightly controlled and cannot be circumvented, otherwise everyone could enter to eat, drink and party without ever paying anything.
  4. Most resorts require that you book your companion with her real name at the time you book your vacation reservations online or with a travel agent.  You will need to book your resort reservations for two people and check in together.  There are no decent and respected resorts that will allow local girls to meet you after you arrive and enter their property at that time.
  5. We handle everything if you book a package with us.  If you book your own resort reservations instead, please follow our advice and contact us (BEFORE YOUR VACATION) in order to have a good time.  Do not simply show up somewhere and see what happens.  That never works well.


  1. Some countries have made companionship illegal and there are almost no escorts available.  Before booking your trip you should make sure that your destination has ladies available and not simply show up somewhere and see what happens.
  2. Some Caribbean business / city hotels include a continental breakfast and control access to guest rooms in order to ensure that only authorized guests are dining on their dime.  You will not be able to sneak guests up to your room.
  3. Most Caribbean business / city hotels require guests to register their companion and pay a surcharge, be careful that your companion is low-drama because your signature for the fee authorization makes you legally and financially responsible for all of your guest’s actions.
  4. All hotels have different visitation policies, you must ask us or them before you book your hotel reservations.  If you select a hotel that has poor visitation policies then you will not be able to see any ladies during your visit.
  5. For best results, we suggest to please contact us prior to booking your hotel reservations.  We will help you find the best place and ensure that your girls can enter with you.

Call us 24/7 toll free 1-888-898-0677 (USA), 1-855-918-0031 (PR), 1-855-263-6953 (CANADA), 0-800-444-3040 (ARGENTINE), 01-800-123-8318 (MEXICO), 0800911134 (FRANCE), 0-1800-913-0033 (COLOMBIA) and 080072298 (BELGIUM), or call us direct at 1-829-964-3410 or 1-809-590-3410, or e-mail us at

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1-888-898-0677 (USA)
1-855-918-0031 (PR)
1-855-263-6953 (CANADA)
0-800-444-3040 (ARGENTINE)
01-800-123-8318 (MEXICO)
0800911134 (FRANCE)
01-800-913-0033 (COLOMBIA)
080072298 (BELGIUM)
809-590-3410 (DR)
829-964-3410 (DR)